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Lake Superior

Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes.  It is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world.  It is bordered by Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada.  There are many rivers that flow into Lake Superior, in Carp Lake Township, some main rivers are:  Big Iron, Little Iron, Mineral, Little Cranberry, Union, and others. 

In the past, when coal & lime was delivered to Ontonagon Paper Mill, you would be able to watch the ships unload in Ontonagon.  At night, you could see the lights on the ships sitting at roadsides on M-107.  There have been a few shipwrecks due to storms on the lake.  

There are a variety of fish from coho salmon, variety of trout, bass, perch, whitefish, walleye, and other types.  Smelting is a big event each spring, using nets to catch these small fish.  Many people fish from the shorelines, boats, and docks/piers.

There are campsites along the shores of Lake Superior.  Carp Lake Township is home of the Porcupine Mountain State Park Campground.  They have showers, bathrooms, and beach access to Lake Superior along with a boat launch.  

People come from all over to visit Lake Superior which is at the foot of the Porcupine Mountains.  They enjoy strolling the beach, swimming, wading, listening to the waves/nature, looking for agates, driftwood, and what ever else they can find.  When the sun rises and sets over Lake Superior, it is very picturesque.  There are times when the Northern Lights will come out or the full moon will light up the sky along with glistening on Lake Superior.